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The Balboa Art Conservation Center offers a series of face-to-face workshops in coordination with museum associations throughout the Western Region. Workshop participants gain a more complete understanding of available preservation resources, have an opportunity to build peer alliances, and are introduced to tools essential when incorporating preservation into institutional planning and implementing collection care strategies.

Care of Collections: Paper
Preconference workshop at the Western Museum Association's Annual Meeting
Salt Lake City, Utah
Wednesday, October 9th

Topics addressed in this informative workshop focus on the specific needs of paper-based collections and will include the nature of paper, environmental issues, storage and display considerations as well as the basics of remedial care. Participants will learn how to make material choices for storage housing and enclosures including understanding how these materials affect the storage microenvironment. Workshop exercises and demonstrations encompass understanding catalogue descriptions for the purchase of supplies and introductory remedial care methods.
Instructors: Janet Ruggles and Stephanie Jewell
For information on how to register for this workshop, please visit the RCWR website.

The Californians Connecting to Collections Project (C3) is a two-year, statewide preservation project that provides information, education, and training to California heritage institutions.

For additional information of the C3 Project, see the Californians Connecting to Collections web page.

Available C3 workshops:
Protecting Cultural Collections: Disaster Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery
The Heritage Health Index determined that most collecting institutions need an emergency or disaster response plan that includes collections, and staff trained to carry it out. Attend the interactive 2-part workshop “Protecting Cultural Collections” and walk away with the tools you need. Registration is now open for Petaluma, Pleasant Hill, and Lancaster!

Part 1: September 18, 2013
Part 2: November 13, 2013
Petaluma Historical Museum

Pleasant Hill
Part 1: September 17, 2013
Part 2: November 12, 2013
Contra Costa Public Library

Part 1: October 2, 2013
Part 2: November 6, 2013
Museum of Art and History

Are You Ready? Scenario Planning and Collaboration Among Heritage Institutions to Improve Disaster Preparedness for Collections
Okay, now you have a plan, but do you know how well it will work in a real disaster situation? It's better to find answers now than after a disaster has occurred! This workshop will help you test your plan using a scenario table top exercise, explore how collaborations can help you respond to a disaster and build a shared vision for regional disaster preparedness. LEARN MORE

These workshops are FREE with generous funding provided by the Getty Foundation.

Pre-registration required. Go to the CAM web page to register for your preferred workshop and location.

Partners in the C3 Project include: California Association of Museums, California Historical Society, California Library Association, California State Archives, California State Library, California State Parks. With assistance from: California Preservation Program, Balboa Art Conservation Center, and the Western States and Territories Preservation Assistance Service.

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In addition, BACC can make on-site, customized workshops available to your institution or professional association through our institution-based training program.